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Missions and Rank Bracket System Empty Missions and Rank Bracket System

on Sat Aug 18, 2018 9:16 am
Mission System

The mission system is player run – All missions can be created by players once they reach the rank of Chunin. Missions can only be created for your rank and below, there are two types of missions. Open and Timed, Open missions never close and stay open for anyone within the clan to participate in while timed missions are missions that have an expiration date attached to them. Within these two types, you have 3 forms of missions.

• Game-based mission are missions that are undergone in the game and only game.

• Forum based missions are missions that are undergone on the forum and throughout discord.

• Hybrid mission uses both the forum and Game.

Within these three categories, things such as challenges, time trials, and Win streaks can all be used as a mission, so be creative when developing a mission. Please also keep in mind that you are the issuer of the mission meaning you are responsible for making sure those who undergo the mission have successfully completed it.

How to Create a Mission

Missions are created in their respective area and rank on the forums furthermore all missions must have 3 steps or more with clear and concise instructions, trickery is welcome but be thoughtful when developing your mission. Each mission at each rank is worth a certain amount of points with each rank progressively getting harder than the other. SEE CHART BELOW

Rank System and Points Per Mission Grade :

Missions and Rank Bracket System ZdgXo7s

Squad Leader System

With the Squad Leader System, Shinobi of higher rank can gain a higher amount of points each day to speed up the process of obtaining the required score to rank up. The Squad leader system is available to all shinobi upon reaching the rank of Chunin.

Once a shinobi reaches the rank of Chunin they can become a squad leader with this system shinobi will undergo missions with their comrades of lower rank. This is a system where all players are rewarded though it will be no easy feat.

Things to know

For each rank a score has been assigned along with each mission rank, D-S having been assigned a point value. This value will change based on your rank, since players will require a total score as a requirement to advance and at each tier, it gets harder we have implemented a system where those who help and aid their fellow comrades can gain bonus points to essentially rank up faster.

Terms to know:

  • CSLG Chunin Squad Leader
  • JSLG Jonin Squad Leader
  • SSL Sage Squad Leader


In the Genin bracket of D rank missions CSLG, JSLG, and SSL will all gain 2 points for completing a single mission with the max being 3 missions. This means that each of them would gain a total of 6 points if they do all 3 missions with a squad of 3 or more shinobi at this rank, (amount of points increase with the mission rank.)

A ninja who is being aided will gain the number of points listed within their bracket by the mission grade, but any mission outside of their mission rank field can only be obtained once a day. This means that if you’re a Genin you can only undergo one mission outside of your rank field once a day.

It should also be noted that only a MAX of 3 missions can be performed per day by a squad leader within a mission bracket. This means that if you’re a Jonin rank shinobi you may aid in the 2 rank brackets below you – Chunin, and Genin. (This applies to all works)

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