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on Mon Aug 13, 2018 6:06 am
Understanding the Basics

The Scroll of Approval is one of the requirements that all ninja of the Genin and Chunin Rank must obtain in order reach the next rank.  The Scroll acts as an entry pass, Genin will need one to participate in the Chunin Exams. While Chunin, on the other hand, will need one to participate in the Jonin Entry Exams.

Upon reaching the rank of Jonin you will be recognized as full-fledged shinobi of the clan and will no longer require a Scroll of Approval to progress but instead you must grant them to a young ninja who you feel are worthy to be called Shinobi of Noboru.

Things to understand about the Scroll of Approval

The Scroll of Approval can only be granted Moderators with the help of Jonin and Sage level shinobi.  All Jonin and Sage ranked shinobi will be responsible for submitting the names of the ninja they deem worthy to the moderators. All names of those being granted a scroll must be submitted at the same time. Once the Jonin and Sage officers have submitted the names of those they have deemed worthy a Scroll of Approval listed on the accounts of those being approved but only viewable by moderators.

Why only viewable by moderators

These exams are done as a selection process those who receive approval will not be notified until a certain time by the Jonin and Sage officers who have granted them approval. Once notified the qualifying ninja will need to head over to the user groups section and request access to their platform-based Scroll of Approval Group.
Those who fail to request access before the exam begins will be unable to participate, the scroll they possess will also be terminated and they shall receive a penalty in place of the scroll of approval.

This penalty will last one full EXAM PERIOD after the current one – meaning if you fail to accept you will be ineligible for the next exam period.

How to obtain a Scroll of Approval

Those who show and follow the true path of a shinobi, those who seek to better themselves and strive for greatness for the better of the clan. Shinobi with purpose that have shown diligence, loyalty, courage, and more. They know sacrifice and the importance of it, they understand the values and teachings of the true ninja creed established by our ancestors. They are confident, well versed and skilled in all areas of the mind, body, and soul. Shinobi who do not rely solely on their own strength. These are the qualifications required when obtaining a scroll of approval.

To the Jonin & Sage

You are required to be thorough in your approval process. Please do not just hand them out freely, anyone caught or in suspicion of just freely handing out scrolls will take an evaluation exam and those who fail this exam will be dismissed from the clan. This exam will consist of 10,420 questions that must be answered under 3 hours.  

To the Genin & Chunin

Please do not ask or try and bribe your officers those caught or under suspicion of these crimes will be dismissed from the clan without warning. We will not tolerate disloyalty and cheating.

Please understand that this system is designed to refine and hone your skills. If you fail,  get back up and try again. Instill in yourself and your comrades the True Path of a Shinobi.
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