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on Wed Aug 08, 2018 3:18 am
This forum alongside the Discord will serve as a hub for all Noboru clan members of every game Noboru is brought into. Currently, our main focus is on Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker but later on down the road, we may incorporate the community clan into more games. It is important to keep this forum clean for everyone's comfort the following rules are here for this exact purpose.

Messages posted on the forum

Before you post: A search should be done to see if your question(s) have already been posted. For general questions please refer to the FAQ Section.

Topic titles: When you post your question or your problem, you must use a title related to your question/problem. Words such as 'Urgent', 'SOS', 'Question', 'Problem' and 'Help' are not tolerated. Capitals should also be avoided.

Description of your problem/question: When you ask a question, try to be clear and accurate about what you want to say. Don't hesitate to describe your problem. The more information you give, the better we assist you.

Language used on this forum: This is a primarily English forum, so please speak in English. Otherwise, we won't be able to assist you.  

Colors, capitals and size: When you write your message, please don't post in all-capitals as it looks like you are shouting. Re-sizing your text is also a bad idea; overly large text resembles screaming. Colors and bold text are reserved for moderation by staff members. There will be areas where this will be permitted and areas where it will not be, please look for "CPS Permitted" within the post to tell you if this is allowed or not.

Spam and off-topic posts: Spamming is not tolerated. One-word posts such as 'lol', 'rofl' or a single smiley must be avoided. You must also avoid posting the same topic twice, unless you have a further question or that you have useful information to add to the topic. Otherwise, it will not gain you a faster response.

If you make a mistake or you want to make any modifications to one of your posts, please use the  (edit) button at the top-right of the post, to avoid double posting.

Advertising: Advertising is not tolerated, not even through private messages. You should only post your link when it is needed for the purpose of support.

Copying and stealing: Plagiarising other members work is not allowed. If you are found to steal or copy others work, you will be banned on site.

Behavior on the forum

DONT DO IT: Defamatory, racist, hateful, pornographic, illegal or insulting content must be avoided on this forum. You must respect the fact that people may have a different opinion than you. If you are in conflict with another member, please use private messages to settle any disputes.

If you received advertising, pornographic content or insults through a private message, you must send the whole message and a screenshot of that message to a moderator via PM. Do not open a new topic and post its contents on the forum.

Patience is a Virtue: Please, be patient. It is useless to bump your topic every 2 minutes. Every member of this forum has a life, so they can't always respond immediately. They all work voluntarily on this forum and they are human, not machines!

Respect Others: You must respect everyone here.

No Back Seat Driving: Do not moderate other members. Moderating is reserved for staff members only. Simply refer them to the rules, if they can't follow we'll take care of the rest.

Avatar and Profile

Just don't do it: Sexually oriented, gore and any other type of avatars that are considered to be inappropriate must be avoided.

Usernames Read the above and keep it clean. Anyone who wishes to change their name must send in a name change request form, not all will be granted.

Uno, Ichi, One: Multiple accounts on this forum are not allowed.

Possible Sanctions & Warning System

  • Derogatory attitude or language.
  • Advertising via private message.
  • If your avatar doesn't respect the rules and you ignore the moderator's request to have it changed.
  • Ignoring the warnings and continuing to not respect the rules.

We may not have listed everything because this list could go on forever but we advise you to use common sense and be respectful.  #NOBS

- You have a total of 4 warnings identified by the shuriken located within the profile section on your account. Lose all your shuriken and you're banned.

If you have any question about one of the forum rules, please PM a moderator to ask your question.

Note: These rules may be modified/updated anytime, so re-read them regularly.

A thank you goes to the Forumotion Team for the baseline ruleset.


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