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on Sat Jul 07, 2018 1:48 pm
Organizations Systems Information

Organizations are typically invite-only groups within the clan. The members of each organization are known to be some of the clan’s deadliest shinobi. There currently are two known organizations and both carry their own separate entrance exams. These two organizations are:

• S.A.E – Special Assassination Echelon
• Council of Enlightenment

Organizations within the clan have the highest-ranking missions next to the Sage rank and are permitted to use deadly force even on their own comrades should they fall victim to the enemy. They are true hunters and wild animals relying only on their instinct and skill alone.

Recruitment (Route A)

Recruitment will start once the shinobi has reached the rank of Jonin. They will be contacted by the organizations head and the clan leader overseeing the organization. Once contact has been made they will be issued an Application form that they will need to fill out within 72 hours.  Once done the application will be reviewed and if they pass they will then take the entrance exam to the assigned organization.  

If the Shinobi happens to fail either phase of Route A they will be discharged from the lineup and forced to take route B listed below.

How to gain eligibility if you’re not recruited  (Route B)

Organizations operate as invite-only there is no actual way of joining them through regular means, but there is an option for those who think that they are worthy of joining. Though it is no easy feat and it is said that most shinobi who undergo the base clearance exam tend to go insane before ever reaching the end or worse.

The (Optional Clearance Eligibility Lethality Organization's Test) aka the OCELOT is the baseline test that all shinobi of the clan must pass if they wish to earn eligibility of acceptance into an organization within the clan. It should also be noted that even if you take the test you are not guaranteed this eligibility. Only those who pass the exam with the required score or higher will qualify for acceptance into an organization even if they are not initially recruited to join one and just because they qualify does not mean that they will be considered.

If the Shinobi happens to fail either phase of Route B they will be unable to take the exam for 6 months this includes those who previously attempted at Route A.

Things to know

All written exams at this level are protected meaning you will be monitored. If you wish to take an exam please see the exam section and find the exam you're looking for and follow the steps provided.
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