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on Sat Jul 07, 2018 1:42 pm
Welcome to Divisions

Join a Division

Now that you have made it this far you can decide which Division you would like to join. Each division is beneficial to the clan and all Divisions will act as a play style and job so there will be specific loadouts, tasks, and prerequisites for each division. Once a member of a division shinobi will undergo a series of exams, missions, classes throughout their time within the division in order to obtain the highest degree of knowledge within the field possible. Doing so will allow them to unlock all techniques assigned to that field and perform at the highest level they possibly can on the battlefield.

You are able to choose from a total of 4 Divisions

  • Medical
  • Intelligence
  • Demolitions
  • Research and Development

How it works:

As mentioned previously Divisions will act as a play style and job. This means that shinobi who join the Medical Division will play support and defense roles along with a hybrid build of the two combined when RP’ing. This will be the same for every division within the clan.

Below is the list of Divisions and each role type it supports.  

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