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on Sat Jul 07, 2018 1:38 pm
Welcome to Kageyama Academy

Kageyama Academy Information The_ac10

Just a Reminder | Cleansing Exam

For those who have passed this exam, please disregard this part.

Here within the clan all incoming shinobi, if they wish to progress further ahead, must be cleansed of the current idea of a Shinobi that they hold within their mind.  

All Initiates must undergo the Cleansing Exam before being fully accepted into the clan meaning that before enrolling in anything you must first take this exam. If you have not taken this exam then please refer to the exam section and take it.

Terms you need to know before continuing:

Master: Someone who instructs classes and has the ability to host class sessions. These members are able to give you a passing or failing grade at the end of a class.

Student: Incoming clan Genin who have passed the cleansing exam.

Classes: A place where students will learn the teachings of their chosen field, these fields are broken into Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Bukijutsu, Fuinjutsu, and Kinjutsu. Only a single class can be enrolled in at a time.

Training Grounds A place where students who have missed class can make up the class session. These training sessions will consist of Missions, Time Trials, and Quizzes.

How it works

Everyone will learn the true meaning and principles of a Shinobi. All classes regardless of the field will focus on the history and mastery of Ninshu. Students will undergo the basics like how to strengthen their minds and bodies, the handling of ninja weapons and tools, like shuriken and kunai. Students will also be taught about chakra and how to use it based on the hand seals created by Indra Otsutsuki and their true purpose. Upon completion, students will understand the purpose of Ninshu, what it means to be a shinobi and why we fight.  

Classes offered will be broken into 6 fields:

  • Taijutsu
  • Ninjutsu
  • Genjutsu
  • Bukijutsu
  • Fūinjutsu & Kuchiyose no Jutsu
  • Kinjutsu

Classes will be held for 2 hours per session 3 times per week for 2 weeks. Classes are based on the Masters' schedule and each school has a total of 4 Masters, each Master can take on a minimum 8 students at a time with the max being 16.

Those absent from class will need to make it up within a training session on the training grounds but first must speak to the Masters currently running the class to see if this is an option available to them.

You must have at least an 85 to pass the class and all grades below that are considered failing. Those who fail will not be able to utilize the techniques taught to them throughout the course once it ends.

Students who have failed out will also be unable to take a repeat of the course right away and must choose another class or wait until a seat opens.

Seats are limited you have been warned.

Masters & How to become one

Master positions are temporary and once accepted as a master the shinobi will stay as that classes master until course session is completed, but if the master is given high marks by his students then they will be allowed to stay as a master of the inscribed school. Though if they fail to do their job then a substitute will replace them throughout the remainder of the course. Masters are only able to be a master of a single class at a time.

Students who receive a full score or higher will be placed on a special list where they can become a Master of the class they studied under. Upon reaching the rank of Chunin these students will receive a message letting them know that they have now completed the baseline qualifications.

Their next step would be to take the Mastery Exam and if they pass they are now able to challenge any of the current masters of said class to a dual, current Masters are unable to dismiss this challenge. If there is an open slot then they would automatically be accepted in.

Should they win, they would become the Master and the loser will be stripped of his or her Master title and must wait 3 months before issuing a challenge to any Masters of any class. Should a student lose then they too must wait 3 months before reissuing a challenge.
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